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Wheat and pulses form a staple diet for families across the nation. It is consumed on an everyday basis in different variants depending on the age and diet habits across families. When you are consuming wheat regularly, you should ensure that you intake only the best quality flour available in the country. Pmark, a household name offers the best product offerings which is nutritious, healthy and pure. With a wide range of options to choose from, its product offerings cater to all age groups and health conscious individuals.

Considered as the most sought after flour mill in India, P mark has an experience of 40 years in the industry and has gradually moved from the traditional flour mill to a flour mill that uses state of the art technology and caters to the changing demands of the consumers. E commerce has made it easy for the consumers to shop for the finest quality of flour from the country. P mark products are available across different stores in the country as well as on various o…

Top quality Atta available at a store near you

Given the current state of malnutrition in the country, a leading flour manufacturer has been constantly working to provide the best quality flour to the consumers. With the growing awareness about the health and well-being among individuals, PMark, a flour mill in Jammu has been working for the last four decades to ensure that nothing but the best is offered to the consumers. With a wide range of product offerings, they deliver flour which is fresh, healthy and pure for daily consumption. Pmark has evolved over the years and is considered to be one of the most sought-after flour mills in India. With the use of the latest equipment and the best production technology, the company makes no compromise on the quality of flour.

Its product range includes sooji, daliya, besan, chakki atta, maida and many more. The products are available across different stores as well as online. Best suited for daily consumption, PMarkensures that its flour has complete nutrients in the purest form. It has a…

PMark-where quality matters!

When you choose to purchase flour for your family, you never compromise on the quality and the quality of food you intake, is reflected on your health and well-being. PMark is a name synonymous to quality. It reflects the dedication and ideals of the brand that caters to millions across the nation. Considered as the best flour mill in India, PMark is a household name that is known for the excellent quality and variety of options available in the various stores as well as online markets. PMark has evolved over the years and turned into a name that defines the commitment and dedication towards the manufacturing process. Their flour is considered to be the most sought after in the nation.

Ideal for daily intake, the wide range of products offered by PMarkare manufactured keeping the quality in mind. The entire process from procuring of the wheat to refining and processing of the same, is carried out with a strict quality check. There is no question about compromising on the quality of th…

P Mark- Old, Trusted and Loved Brand of Every Indian House!

Since 1933, P Mark has been producing 100% pure and quality food products for the Indian homes. PMark was set-up by late Shree Devi Das Puri Ji in Moga, Punjab before independence and partition of Bharat. Started as a local business by Shree Devi Das Puri’s family, it was transformed by him into a giant industry through sheer hard work. In the initial days of the company, their products were distributed not only in Punjab but even in Lahore, Jammu and Kashmir and Sialkot. Believing in the purity of work, business and production Shree Devi Das Puri Ji named the company ‘P Mark' where 'P' stands for purity.
Initially, the company was in the business of producing safe, healthy and pure oil products and also had a flour mill in India. Products sold by the company were famous and a favourite in old times and were considered as the best products available in the market. The founder of the company was a generous and kind-hearted man and always believed in giving the best and ne…

Become Acquainted With the History of P Mark

Producing quality food products isn’t everyone’s cup of tea since it demands an unwavering dedication at every level of operation. As the customer expectations keep on changing, it is essential that you learn new facts, put into practice the modern techniques and install the sophisticated and productive machinery. In order to satisfy the consumers to the fullest, P Mark has led the change in many aspects of the flour milling industry in India – particularly in procurement, technology adoption and distribution systems.
Consistent changes are something that is very crucial to flourishing in any type of business. P Mark with the constant transformation and strong set of shared values has managed to endure and strengthen over the years. All these principles were infused into P Mark’s culture by the late ShriDevidasPuriJi, the gentleman who set up an oil mill and a flour mill at Moga, a small town in Punjab way back in 1933.In the pre-independent India, carrying out businesses was quite diff…

Emphasize on the Different P Mark Products

Every level of operation that is associated with the manufacturing of quality food products demands unwavering commitment right from examining the wheat thoroughly and then buying it for storage to packaging and supply. In that regard, PMarkhas done a tremendous job. The products of P Mark comprises of Chakki Atta, Sooji, Daliya, Maida, Besan, and Cattle Field Bran. Let’s have a look at the essence of some of the premium P Mark products. Chakki Atta: The P Mark Chakki Atta is rich in minerals and vitamins which ensure better physical fitness, strength, and immunity system of the people consuming it. Besides that, it has several health benefits too. For instance; protection against the problems of the digestive system, minimizing the risk of many constantly chronic health problems.Maida: The Maida produced by P Mark is of the elite varieties of whole wheat. The manufacturing process is completed by taking into consideration the health safety standards. The P Mark Maida can be availed i…

Save Your Time and Effort By Means of Flour Milling Machines

Some decades ago when the flour was ground in conventional methods i.e. through hand tools, it used to consume a lot of time as well as effort. In order to overcome that problem, people have decided to come up with more sophisticated machines. The exploitation of flour mill in India dates back to quite a few years. However, over the years there have been considerable changes in the sizes and varieties of these machines.

The main rationale behind the growing esteem of flour mill machines is that it doesn’t only facilitates in grinding the wholesome and healthy wheat flour but also aids to retain the nutritional worth and goodness. These machines are absolutely apt if you are looking for quick service. People also make use of these machines to grind the spices and nuts.
A number of different types of mills used for grinding flour are the ball mill, grist mill, etc. Nearly all these mills are put into effect in order to grind wheat flour and other cereals for both domestic and commerci…